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Codekana is a Visual Studio add-in that helps you understand the code you're working on much faster.

Colored outlines and highlights to show control-flow, function and class names, search results and unmatched delimiters.

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Supports C/C++/C#, and Javascript and other C-like languages. VS.NET 2002, VS.NET 2003, VS 2005, VS 2008.
Codekana is now free! Just download it and enjoy it.. We will turn it into open source as soon as we have the time to tidy up the codebase and upload it somewhere.
"First let me say that I've fallen in love with Codekana - it rocks!" - P.D.
key features
Color-keyed control-flow outlining
Outlines for code blocks: red for loops and for break/continue, green for if-blocks, brown for else clauses, etc...

You'll undestand the grouping and control-flow at a glance.
Unmatched braces & parentheses
unmatched braces
Before you compile too early, Codekana will highlight in reverse video the unmatched braces, brackets and parentheses in your code, with the color corresponding to the unclosed block type.
Highlighting of search results
highlight search
When you perform a search with any of Visual Studio's search commands, Codekana highlights all matches in the current file, so that you see all the different places where the string appears.
Function/class names
highlighted names
Function and class names are emphasized in each definition.

Wherever a debugging or code-spelunking session takes you, you'll know where you are in an instant.
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kana: in Japanese, the name given to the basic systems for reading and writing.
Codekana: the essential tool for reading and writing code.


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