What people are saying about Codekana

“I have only been using Codekana a few hours, but I am already impressed.”

A review by Andy Brice (of PerfectTablePlan.com fame) on the Successful Software blog.

“What are your favourite plugins for Visual Studio? I love Codekana.”

A forum post on the Joel on Software .NET forum.

“I would recommend CodeKana”

A comment by Andrey Butof (of Antair Blackberry tools fame) on the StackOverflow programming Q&A site.

“Once you have used it for just some hours you just can't go on without it”

A review on the DBDesc blog.

“I use ViEmu and Codekana together. It's a really nice combination!”

A comment by Jonas G. on the StackOverflow programming Q&A site.

“Is there an IDE out there that does structural syntax highlighting? The closest thing that I've seen is Codekana.”

The response to a question on the popular StackOverflow programming Q&A site.

“Software Visualization for Software Development” paper [PDF link]

An academic paper about software visualization recently included Codekana among its highlights.

“CodeKana might be worth looking into - it is a very slick piece of software!”

A comment by _sigma on the popular GameDev.net games development community.


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