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New Codekana 1.5 pre-release: module definitions pop-up with quick-goto

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

The new Codekana 1.5 for VS2002 to VS2008 is ready for download:

(Symnum Systems is the new incorporated name of the old NGEDIT Software, be ready for a full phase-out of the old name everywhere.)

Before anything else: this version doesn’t support VS2010. We’re working on it, and we hope to have something in 2-3 months. See at the bottom for more info regarding this.

The main new feature in this version of Codekana is that it brings a new command with great functionality: Quick-Goto with a Module Definitions List. By default mapped to <Alt-.>, but you can map it to whatever you want, it will pop up a list with all the functions and definitions in the current module, with their full declaration and the symbol itself in bold. If you type in part of a name, or several parts of a name, it will filter the list down to those symbols that match the parts you’ve typed. After this, you can move up and down with cursors, and pressing <Return> will take you to that function in the module. Here it is for you to see:


I hope you will find this a very useful feature.

I’m doing a pre-release before the official release, because this release incorporates the new license-key system, and I want to roll things out slowly to test everything. The link above has all the information on how to obtain the new-style license key. If there is any problem, just get in touch with me via email or using any of the support forms. The official release will happen over the next few days.

We are working in ViEmu/VS2010 first, but the main reason behind the wait is not that, but the fact that we have done a “product reboot” for Codekana/VS2010. The new version is a re-start from scratch, a redesign, with a new vision and direction. Moving from native C++ and COM to managed C++/CLI and .NET has been quite a challenge, but the great news is that the new editor model in VS2010 will allow us to do much, much more awesome things that the previous VS editor ever did. We are already doing some very innovative and incredibly useful things, and we just have to put in some more work to have it in a state that can be released. We are innovating in everything from parsing to visualization to functionality, and we think the new Codekana VS2010 will make quite a few people have a look at what we’re doing. Watch out here for news, or follow me on Twitter.


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