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Codekana 1.1.6

January 6th, 2008

I’ve just built and uploaded Codekana 1.1.6. Since I’ve made it into the ‘official’ 1.1 version, you can just download the regular version:

This installer will automatically upgrade any previous Codekana installation.

This version fixes a crash bug (!) that happened when using Codekana together with DevExpress’ Coderush add-in and used its ‘safe rename’ refactoring (or probably any other Coderush refactoring that uses the ‘linked-identifier’ user interface). The bug was in Codekana’s text-change processing engine, which would fail when submitted to the amount of overlapping text changes done by Coderush’ refactoring engine.

Before this, 1.1.5 had fixed another crash bug that happened with VS2005 or VS2008 when Visual Studio didn’t have any items in the ‘most recently searched’ list (the list that appears when you click in the QuickFind combo-box. The problem is that VS doesn’t signal any problen when Codekana tries to access the latest search for its search highlighting feature, and VS also crashes when you try to search for an empty string. I initially thought this was a VS2008 bug, but it also happens in VS2005 (not in VS.NET 2003) – I found it with VS2008 because it was a clean install and that was the trigger to give me an empty search-history list.

And before this, 1.1.4 had bumped up the priority of the function/class-name highlighting marker so that it wouldn’t be obscured by Resharper’s ‘color identifiers’ feature. That way, if you use Codekana and Resharper together you won’t be losing the useful function/class-name highlights from Codekana.

One Response to “Codekana 1.1.6”

  1. mwb1100 Says:

    You should have a link to this blog on your CodeKana site – I got here via you NGEDIT blog.

    I really like the enhanced visualization that CodeKana provides – looking forward to whatever you have in store for version 2.

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